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Fans of ‘The Apprentice’ are angry as Karren Brady voted in favour of tax credit cuts

Viewers of 'The Apprentice' threaten to boycott the BBC show - tax credits are essential to many hard working familes

Karren Brady was among some of Britain’s most prominent millionaires who voted in favour of tax credit cuts in the House of Lords, but the decision has angered fans of The Apprentice.

BBC viewers are unhappy with Brady’s views in light of her involvement in a taxpayer-funded TV show which pays her a large salary.

Brady and a hand full of other millionaires at the House of Lords tried to vote down amendments which would give affected tax credits claimants a three-year reprieve.

Brady has also been condemned as she plans to use £175m of taxpayer money to convert the Olympic Stadium for West Ham, the football club she is vice-chairman of.

Brady tweeted in response to the outcry over the vote, saying “Peers are unelected and have no right to reject measures to do with tax & spending which have the support of elected MPs”.

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