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Government outlines next step in apprenticeship reform

The government has pledged to give employers direct control of the funding for the training of apprentices

The government has outlined its next steps in apprenticeship reform, making the pledge to give employers direct control of the funding for the training of apprentices.

After publishing the response to The Future of Apprenticeships in England: Funding Reform Technical Consultation (Link to consultation paper), the government also outlined the continuing commitment it has in making the apprenticeship system in England the best in the world. Recruiters sharing jobs & splitting fees - IOR - The Recruiting Times

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Nick Boles, the Skills Minister, said: “If we are going improve and expand our apprenticeship programme further we must put employers in the driving seat – and give them control of both the design and funding of apprenticeships.

I look forward to working with employer organisations and others to develop a funding model that is simple, transparent and easy for employers to use.”

The plan in giving employers control of the funding for apprentices will enable them to select the training that best meets their needs and in turn drive up the quality of apprenticeships. The government’s response to the consultation outlines, that while having employers in charge of apprenticeship funding is a non-negotiable part of the reforms, further work is needed before the changes can be put in practice.

The government sat they are still committed to delivering a simple, effective funding process which works for employers of all sizes.

The continued funded reforms will be developed at the same time as the trailblazer programme, giving employers control over the design of apprenticeships. In December 2014, 22 new standards were published, with employers leading the design of apprenticeships in data analysis, aircraft maintenance and construction management

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